Our Mission

Empowering the youth through education, sports and character development in Africa. We try to reduce African poverty and foster sustainable development by empowering African children through education to realize dreams of a better life. Established in 2016 in Monrovia, Liberia, NationOne Academy (NOA) was created to discover and nurture future role models. We provide young, talented Liberians with the opportunity to reach their potential and the opportunity for a better future. The Academy program focuses on the development of our student athletes through education, sports and character development. Our primary objective is to develop high-performance student athletes, capable of building a successful career as a professional. We aim to develop our student athletes with good education and sound character. We believe our graduates will be Liberia’s future. Our students will use this platform to inspire, create and lead positive change in Africa and the world.

Our Vision

NOA will be the primary support platform for the educational experience of our students in order for them to enhance the future of Liberia and the world. Our educational focus is on developing a critical, engaging mind, capable of achieving academic success and understanding its application beyond the classroom. NOA does not discriminate based on race, color, national and ethnic origin. All students who meet our admission guidelines will be afforded the rights and privileges made available at our Academy program. Our priority is to serve as a pathway for students with strong academic potential, providing them with an opportunity to pursue their education through foreign partnerships and, as a result to improve the quality of life for Liberians.